Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Terry Carson fishng out of Garrett's Marina

What a beautiful 32 lb rock Terry caught-from the Rappahannock!

Monday, November 19, 2012

3rd place went to Mr. Scotty Puckett and crew. Scotty's fish weighed in at 12.3 lbs.

2nd place went to Mr. Dean Irwin. Dean's fish weighed in at 13.5 lbs.

The 3rd annual Aylett Country Day School Rappahannock River Rockfish Open 1st place winner is Captain Danny Dunaway. His fish weighed in at 29.6 lbs. Congrats to Danny and crew.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A little bit bigger.

Bowlers rock red drum and a rough crowd.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Harborside Storage / Garretts Marina Weather Station Installed!

Today, Monday October 15th, we installed a sophisticated Vantage Pro weather station at Harborside Storage / Garrett's Marina ..... weather readings are being updated to the Harborside Storage website every few minutes http://www.harborsidestorage.com/weather/Current_Vantage_Pro_Plus.htm - some of the monthly figures will take a few days to correctly average and form a trend.  Check out the link for a ton of good information, especially a real-time update of weather conditions on the Rappahannock River before you leave home!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Speckled Trout in the Rappahannock River

Yep this is Louis holding two very nice speckled trout caught on
10/04/12 . I was able to enjoy a nice fall afternoon with a customer
who as I like to describe him as the the "spec" man. He put me onto
some very nice fish !! Thanks a million to Larry Allen. We were
fishing off of his brand new 21 Bay Cobia powered by a F-150 Yamaha.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Urbanna Creek sunset cruise

Mary Jo Muse and Maddie Muse (cousins) enjoying a beautiful sunset dinner cruise on a nice Parker 2100 SE on the way back from Urbanna Creek, Virginia.

Rappahannock Rockfish are coming!

Check out these rock fish caught by a happy group of college kids from the Lynchburg VA. They were here visiting Mary Jo Muse and Wayne Webb ! These nice fish were caught and released in the Bowlers Wharf area on July 21, 2012. Some very nice stripers !!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sam's big rock fish!

Sam Muse of Mechanicsville caught some very impressive rock fish in the Rappahannock on 07/03/12 . He was fishing off of a 21 SE Parker ! Congratulations to Sam Muse !!!!!!! That will give you the fever !

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Key Boats delivered to Garretts Marina

New boat deliveries are arriving now for Spring launching. Come on down to Garretts Marina and see the best offerings of Key West, Parker and Cobia boats in the region.

Another new design from Key West --- the 210BR

This new Key West 210BR prototype which will have some minor differences in production. These photos were taken Christmas Eve during a test run.

The prototype boat performance ran at 38 mph average with four guys on board powered by a F115, and 50 mph with the F150. Top speed we saw was 54 mph in a good chop. This was GPS speed averages in fresh, smooth water. For now it's rated at 200hp.

Some of the features on this boat:
Two lockable rod storage boxes up front with a total capacity of 10 rods. I fit my 7ft flipping stick in there.
Forward live well provides a step up to the front deck. This is the same well used in the 246BR.
The narrow lip on the edge of the front deck maximizes the uninterrupted flat deck on the front, and you can get all the way to the front without stepping up; nice for the tiller controlled troll motors.
The console mounts to the floor via recessed lip. This hides the fasteners and gives a more secure bond.
Under the console there is a potty/changing/storage area. You can even put two batteries under there on a shelf.
The console face will accommodate up to 10 inch flush mount GPS/Depth finders.
Side wall rod storage is molded into the liner of the boat eliminating the plastic inserts, and you can hang 7ft rods in there without needing rod tubes. There are two rod tubes to allow up to 9ft 6 inches fly rod storage under the gunwale.
The rear deck features the popular flip up seats that store flat to form an uninterrupted rear deck fishing area. The extended transom acts as a built in jack plate allowing the engine to run at elevated mounting heights, but it also minimizes the splash well intrusion into the rear deck unlike a pocketed hull design.

New Key West boats-- the 172SE

The 172SE is similar to the 1720CC with some features removed and a new center console added. This new boat design was well received at the Charleston boat show recently.

New Parker Boats arrivals

Truckloads of Parker Boats have arrived at Garrett's Marina ready for
Spring launching. Check in with Louis and take a look at the great
selection boats and exceptional pricing deals we have ready for you....