Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fishing update from Wes Blow

Striper season was less than great but I did catch my personal best.
A 52 pounder eeling at the CBBT at night of December 23rd. The next
day I took my wife Amy speck fishing and she caught her first ever
citation fish of any species a 25.5 release citation. I had some
really good speck days in December and January catching over 50 fish
several days. One day, a friend and I had about 60 fish and 25 were
over 21 inches. Many were speck citations all but one released this
season - one friend was just short of a release citation but a few
ounces over weight citation. Recently I have been tog fishing on a
friends bigger boat, I have not been able to get to the fish because
of the wind with my boat. I have caught a 13 pound tog and released a
25 incher for a citation that weighed 10 pounds on the boat scale.
Hoping to get out this Wednesday on my boat. I have about 356 hours
on it now..... Wes Blow